apple - hoot 

/ˈæpl - huːt/
An adjective, which means…
1. ‘Speak (well actually write) wisdom…
2. The Owl way..’ 

A person from AppleHoot community believes in eating from ‘tree of knowledge’ - a metaphor which means ‘collecting knowledge through extensive research”. He/she is a born writer, who knows nothing but writing and writes to heights, that are yet unmatched. Applehoot(er), never oversells, never cheats, never misses a deadline and never gives up.

We are writers

Essays. Reports. Dissertations. Undergraduate. Postgraduate. PHD.


We are not a commercial company that has 100s of anonymous writers. 

We are a group of 4 writers, and we are are keen to help students with writing their essays, research reports and dissertations. We don’t encourage you to cheat, we support you in writing …isn’t that pretty simple to believe?


Lets see what makes us stand out in the crowd…




Are you experienced?

Yes, indeed. Our collective efforts had produced 5000+ papers in last 6 years written at unmatched prices. Since each of us work with our clients (no middle man involved) our prices are low that helps us capture the lion’s share. Its simple!  

When you’ll contact us, you will be speaking to one of us (oh…we are 4, all born and proud writers). You’ll directly discuss your concerns, advise us on and expect miracles….no seriously!

Your grades will stay with you until you die! So don’t even think of messing with them.

Well sadly that is true. Your level of subject knowledge doesn't really matter, if your transcript doesn't show good grades that an employer wants to see. This usually translates into struggling to secure a promising career with top employers. Not that we are being brutally honest (well…we are actually), we are speaking the reality that no university would teach you. Being most informed and skilled writers who are certainly not working under below-human conditions (and not under-paid either), fully understand how UK universities work, and exactly how you can achieve 70% and above.


Writers are not Ghosts

Unlike, essay writing companies who put their writers in unseen wraps, we believe that writers shouldn’t be alien to you. When you hire someone to write for you, you have all rights to see them, and talk to them (a cup of coffee doesn’t even hurt). Trust us, we are humans too.

  • Hannah
    I am doing my PHD and I have been continuously hiring their services for developing my research proposal onto writing different chapters. I do all my research and pass it on to my writer.  I do this because I want to be involved in the entire process. Mostly, writers wouldn’t be this flexible as it adds on to their job because sorting our research data at this level could be a nightmare. An AppleHooter wouldn’t charge me anything extra for that, keeps me updated via text messages and I am always aware of how my work is progressing. People ask me….isn’t that cheating? I say no, its not!!!! It’s hiring extra help so that I get my PHD degree and stay sane, at the same time.
    Hannah, PHD in Human Resource Management
  • Hamish
    I’ve been working with these guys for long now….long before they were not even a company. I’ve worked with all four, and let me tell you ….all of them are super easy to work with. Its not like I tell them to expand on say ‘literature review’ section and they would charge me for 200 words. They would do it for free!!!! I would simply text them at 2 in the morning to do my essay in 2 days and they would take it on. At some occasions, they were not able to do it that quickly for me so they simply refused. I trust them blindly!
    Hamish, Essay in Business Studies
  • Annabel
    To me, availability of my writer is very important because I sort of get panicked when I don’t hear from the ‘writing company’. So I rely on constant availability and rapid response from a writer. With AppleHoot, it’s awesome!! I mean first I am connected to the writer, who is so committed and experienced. Because of that I don’t have to explain her everything from scratch…rather she instantly picks it up…I am currently working with her on my research project that she picked from the initial idea, helped me developing it into research objectives and questions and vola! I am collecting primary data, and we are working on the project together. I am supper happy as I know what my project is all about, yet I have someone in between my supervisor and I, giving me one-to-ne support that I couldn’t get from the supervisor.
    Annabel, Research Project in Computing
  • Ahmed
    I called these guys and was speaking directly to the writer. Now this was a surprise to me. Kevin told me that he has been writing for last 4 years. He’s always available, always smiling no matter how many amendments I request and always making sure that I get the good grades.
    Ahmed, Essay in Project Management


You will love the way we do academic writing.
Free coffee included