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Who are you guys and what do you do exactly? 

We are UK-based group of academic writers, working in the UK academic industry for last 9 years. We are proud and passionate to deliver high-quality writing services to students. Students use our services as 'model' answers for guidance purposes. 


I have done dual masters degree form the UK. My first degree is in Marketing Management and Advertising (UCL) and the 2nd degree is in Computer Security and Audit (Greenwich). The combination provides me a fine edge over other writers as I can competently write on marketing, business and IT subjects integrated with each other.
As an example, one of my favourite subjects are IT project management and Business and Information Systems. My expertise are dissertations and PHD research projects Papers written so far: 600+ (and counting)
Email Direct: sheen@applehoot.com


I am a PHD student- Academic Entrepreneurship (Nottingham) with excellence in writing research projects across any business subject. Writing is my passion and the reason I work as a professional academic writer is to help students to better understand UK university requirements such as what a tutor expects out of essays/reports etc.
The model answers that we create are excellent examples of how to achieve good grades and what techniques to be used while carrying out the research. Papers written so far: 329
Email Direct: pete@applehoot.com


I did my masters in Human Resource Management (Bedfordshire) back in 2008. I enjoy research and writing as it helps me in topping up my knowledge that I apply as a teacher. In addition to academic writing, I've also written several research papers. Papers written so far: 459
Email Direct: kevin@applehoot.com


I am a professional business and academic writer, who also writes corporate blogs and academic and technical papers. I can write on a wide range of subjects from IT, cloud computing to HR, International Business Law and so forth.
Writing comes fairly natural to me. I understand the technical bits of writing papers such as flow of writing, structuring an essay, concluding the discussion, writing abstracts and referencing. Although it may sound fairly obvious, but many professional writers miss out on this important aspect. Papers written so far: 769
Email Direct: sophia@applehoot.com



Where are you located? 

We have our virtual office in Luton, and London. We mostly work from our home offices, virtual offices and coffee shops. We do so to keep the cost of our operations down, so that we can give you generous discounts.




What does free coffee mean? 

Well, first a little history... The coffee theme that you see on this website is inspired by a very popular combination of "coffee and students". The coffee theme is a little "cherry on the cake," (as we don’t want to appear too boring) and this is where the "free coffee" concept comes from. To put it plainly, many of our clients tend to request a discount. As a result, we decided to build in a small discount for each writing service that we sell. We call it "free coffee" and the discount is roughly equal to a 8-cups of coffee. The discount will be reflected in our quoted prices :)  




Why are your prices lower than other writing companies?

Our business model is pretty simple that keeps our prices 12% lesser than other writing companies…guaranteed! We do so because our mission is to make academic writing support accessible to all students.



 How do you keep your prices low?

It’s quite simple. We are a group of 4 people who meet the following criteria:

  •  Skilled and professional writers
  •  Work with a successful business model.

Therefore we are a team of polytechnics with multiple roles. And we have cut the middleman. Which means that you are always in direct communication with your writer; and we save a tonne of money. Now, we don’t keep those savings to ourselves; rather, we pass it on to you in the form of generous discounts. Our prices reflect all this - we are 12% cheaper than the market leaders.



How can I be sure that with your low prices, I wouldn't be compromising on quality?

Gone are the days when low prices meant  poor quality. Our lower prices do not cost you anything, rather it’s our business model that helps us maintain our lower prices. Things you can be sure of at AppleHoot are our unmatched quality and prices!



What’s the difference between ‘premium’ and ‘standard’ written work?

Premium papers ensure 1:1 standard or A grade and above
Standard papers ensure 2:1 standard or B grade.



Who are your clients?

Our clients are undergraduate, postgraduate and PHD students.



For what purpose do I use your services?

You can use our services as a model answer.



 Why do I need a model answer?

 You need model answer, because:

  • It guarantees that you achieve your desired grades.
  • It helps you manage your education.
  • It helps you prepare for your exam.
  • It expands your knowledge. 


Pricing and Payments 

How much do you charge?

We offer 3 products where the cost is dependent on your word count and level of your degree. Typically we charge, £190 for 1000 words from undergraduate and postgraduate students.

For PHD students, we quote our fee based on subject, student’s involvement, research prospects and so forth. However, we are always offering generous discounts. Remember our ‘free coffee’?




How do I pay? 

We accept all popular payment methods. 




Shouldn't purchasing your services  be considered as an unfair mean of completing my coursework?

The philosophy behind our services is 'knowledge sharing'. Sharing our knowledge with the students actually increase our collective knowledge at the same time. We all learn. Our services also make things simple and easier for you. At some point you require support to complete your coursework because you may not be able to get it from your tutor or lecturer. Using our services as guidance would only further build and strengthen your subject knowledge. 


I feel embarrassed to let my classmates know that I am using a writing service company. I guess they would judge me!

There's no need to feel embarrassed. As a student you aren't expected to be a master of the subject! Additionally, you may have an advanced level of knowledge of the subject, though writing may not exactly be your cup of tea. Our model answers suggest and inspire you to produce your own work. Think of our services as tuition. You go to a tutor to further clarify the concepts and knowledge of the subject. Likewise, our services teach you how to transfer your knowledge on to paper, the right way!