A Winning Essay Needs a Winning Content


So I was just wondering on elements of a winning essay and it turns out to be that the content of an essay is one of the most important thing...you may call it 'super important' in my language.

So what do we mean by content? Content is any thing and every thing that you write in an essay..a theory that you'd used, the concepts or models you had incorporated in the essay.. the figures/diagrams that you’d used. Let me tell you an interesting thing here...one of my professors at UOG, was quite keen for diagrams, charts and graphs. He would always assert on having them in my coursework because it makes it easier for him to create a quick impression of my work in his mind. Usually this impression was good and created a ground in my favour!

I couldn’t insist more on how much teachers love diagrams. In fact they love any thing visual in your essay. As the say 'picture speaks louder than words' turns out be so true here. When you create a figure or a chart etc. your teacher knows that a) you have taken that extra mile to demonstrate your depth of knowledge and b) you are serious about securing a good grade for your essay.....try it out and see the magic!

Your content also needs to be rich! And how do you make it rich??

One way is to use references and quotes (but never over do quotes) in your essay to demonstrate that you have consulted several studies and authors before producing your ideas on to the paper. A rule of thumb is to use 10 references/1000 words. And when I say never over do using quotes, I mean don't use quotes unnecessarily just to reach your target word count and never use a quote that doesn’t get evaluated by you! Another important tip to make your content rich…avoid using references from studies carried out in more than last 5 years. Of course this tip is excluding studies of theorists that is necessary to be included.

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