How not to make your teacher hate you for your *uc@!!g*! essay..

Hi guys,

I love this topic because you may find millions of articles on the Internet telling you ‘how to write a good essay’ or ‘how to make your teacher fall in love with your essay’. Surprisingly my Google search didn't produce many interesting ones.

So here we go on ‘How not to make your teacher hate you for your *@!!*X*! essay!’

The Golden Rule: Don't ever make more than 2 or 3 spelling mistakes in your essay. The teacher would see it as a crime and you as a criminal.

Avoid any kind of grammatical mistakes. If not sure go to It is reasonably good website that instantly checks your text for spelling and grammar.

Even if you rephrase or paraphrase text from any source, don't even think that you have outsmarted your teacher. Refer the text to its original author.

If you're a big fan of paraphrasing text, don't forget to input your own analysis along with the paraphrased statement. This would not only make your essay shine, but also add on to your knowledge that would actually sustain in your brain for a longer period of time.

Don’t just create paragraphs with no connection in-between. Or else you are just irritating the marker. Make sure that each paragraph ends in a manner so that it naturally directs the reader to the following paragraph, of course maintaining flow and continuing the discussion.

Your comments and criticism are welcomed!

Happy essay writing!

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