Key Elements For a Winning Essay!

Key Elements For a Winning EssayHello!

A winning essay surely secures an A grade/ 1:1 standard. But what are the key points that really make it happen?

Well...its simple...frame and foundation.

So the 'frame' is overall organisation and flow of your words, concept, theories, models and their implications used and assessed in the essay. ‘Foundation' is the research-work that you carry out before or during writing an essay.

Sounds confusing? Actually it is quite simple.

Imagine that you are constructing a building without a frame and foundation. Apparently it will fall. Similarly while writing an essay you must build a frame and foundation. It may sound boring and bookish at the student's end, but trust me as an academic writer, I know exactly how an essay secure A or B grades.

So remember, frame and the foundation!

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