Students & Financial Struggles..How Soon is Too Soon?

Students & Financial StrugglesHello students,

I dedicate this post particularly to my UK students/clients. Nevertheless I believe students across the world, in terms of ratio share more or less, the same problems.

So, the other day I came across a very interesting survey result published by Sodexo University Lifestyle in association with THE. The survey declares that 51% of the students who are prepared to pay higher fees of the University in the UK would demand their tutors to provide them with value for their money through delivering high level of education and training. What interests me more is that 74% of the students identified ‘improved job prospects’ as a major reason to go to the university. Keeping two major demands of the students in 2012 in mind, I see our services as a major contributor in fulfilling students’ demands. For those of you who are new to our blogs, let me introduce you to our services. We offer Essay-Writing services and Student Coach & Mentor services at very affordable prices. However this platform is not intended to sell our services and genuinely aims to ‘echo’ your thoughts and concerns.

Getting back to the survey results, I can envisage the stressful life of students today. Back in our times, socialising and having fun was major part of a university life. Leaving university with a debt of over £20,000 was unheard or unthought-of then. Clearly financial pressure is a major donor for a student to lead stressful life. The more challenging bit is finding an appropriate job soon after graduating, to clear off the debts, and perhaps support families in some cases. Apparently finding paid work as a student due to economic recession further worsen the situation. I wonder how can a student concentrate on studies whilst several stress factors keep hammering his/her mind all the time! 

This blog may seem to be adding on to the stress for many of you, however my aim is not to make the picture gloomier. Rather, as I always say that accepting the facts and challenges in the first place, is the first step taken towards finding a solution.
Please leave your comment, ideas, criticism, and suggestions here. Perhaps sharing our thoughts with each other can help other students to cope up with the situation.

Until next post keep reading and pouring in your ideas for what you would like to read more about.

Have a beautiful & sunny day ahead!

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