The Ethical Business of an Essay-Writer

Ethical Business of an Essay-WriterHello friends,

As an essay writer, people frequently ask me this question: 'how ethical is it for a student to purchase a professionally written custom-made essay?' (My version of this question is "how ethical is your job?') I say..'very ethical'..not because I am merely trying to sell my services ignoring ethics, but because I believe that hiring an essay-writer to write an essay for you is as ethical as hiring a tutor.

As a student, I had hired services of essay-writing companies myself. Back then, disclosing it to my friends that I am using professional services was similar to making a confession. Or more precisely, I recall it as a crime for a student to accept that he had hired a professional writer. But I had my own reasons to do so.. staying within ethical boundaries..of course!

I hired help to write my essays because English wasn't my first language yet accomplishing a UK degree, was my dream! I also had little skill to write an essay.

Hence when I enrolled for a degree, I was struggling to write my essays. One day while 'googling' for a solution, I came across essay-writing companies on the Internet. Couple of them were quite genuine and hiring their services were pretty helpful for me. But let me first stress upon one thing here that a professionally written essay should only be used as a model answer.

The trust and success I achieved through hiring essay-writing services to accomplish my degree makes me a proponent of ethical business carried out by an essay writer or essay-writing company, because..

..when used as a model answer, a professionally written essay helps a student not only improve her subject knowledge, but also teaches her 'techniques' to write a winning essay without any help.

Now an important question here is that why would you even need a model answer?

Regardless of the fact that whether or not English is your first language, it really gets difficult to compete with the level of knowledge of a professional essay writer. Professional essay writers are trained and competent in writing essays. These essay also guarantee you to earn desired grades. Secondly, taking a reality check, I have rarely seen students who actually know how to write or even structure an essay. Even though some of the student may possesses advance level of knowledge, however it is very common to see them ignorant towards some basic elements of writing an essay. Another common complaint that my clients make is putting their words in a language acceptable to earn good grades. I call this 'acceptable language' as 'academic language' that teachers are desperately looking for in an essay.

In my 9 years of experience, I see that most of the students reach their colleges with 'little or no' academic writing skills. And what's worst?.. they lack research skills too.

Coupled with lack of essay writing skills, a real college environment can be extremely challenging for you. I see it almost impossible for a teacher, specifically at a college or university level to pay individual attention to students in a class. You may be asked to download several documents from your college portal explaining what is expected, what to do and what are the quality standards that must be followed while writing an essay. However you have to struggle to actually follow the guidelines while writing your own essay. Moreover even though you are convinced that you had written a winning essay.. chances are that your marker may not think so!

My opinions aren't aimed to show disrespect to anyone or any system. I speak what I had personally experienced as a student and as a professional essay writer.

Of course exceptions exist%u2026 perhaps not in my experience yet!

On a conclusive note, essay-writing company or an essay-writer isn't doing any unethical business. We are not encouraging students to cheat either.

I have many ex-clients who are doing pretty good in their careers today and what could be more rewarding to see them being successful!

All comments and criticism are appreciated.

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