The secret of making your teacher like your essay

making your teacher like your essayHello Readers,

Okay, for the starters let's accept the fact that writing an essay can be extremely frustrating for most of us, yet it's inescapable. If you want to earn a 1:1 degree (at least), you must have a collection of essays by the end of the term that had earned good grades for you.

But the first thing that you may not like to accept or face is that essay writing frustrates you. Don’t worry! There are reasons behind it.

It is frustrating because you don't know what to write, how to write and how to win your teacher's heart! It is also frustrating because you love procrastinating and prefer to have fun rather then sinking into an ocean of research papers and academic books.

Now, the important thing is how to make essay writing essay and fun! And yes that’s possible!

I don't want to bore you with an exhausting list of ‘how tos’ and ‘do’s and don’t’s’ and infinite number of steps to follow to write an essay. Rather my recipe of writing a good essay is pretty simple.

First get a couple (5-7 on average) of pre-written essays on the same subject or close to the subject that you're now writing an essay on. For example if you're writing a 3000 words essay on ‘The Strategic Analysis of Barclays Bank Plc’, the first step should be collecting 4-5 pre-written or what I call ‘recycled essays’ on the similar subject. You should be looking for essays with following titles: ‘Strategic challenges faced by the UK banking sector’, 'Global Strategic Management', ‘Barclays Global Strategic Evaluation’, ‘Barclays acquiring Lehman Brothers- Merger and Acquisition’ etc.

Once you are happy with your collection, read and re-read recycled essays, and don’t forget to make your handy notes for each. A handy note should look like highlighted sentences, scribbled text, your thoughts, your questions etc. So what you are looking for is any information about Barclays regarding challenges, business practices, implemented business processes and systems, analysis and recommendations, reasons for failure that are made in the recycled essays.

By now you must be halfway through towards writing your own essay. Once your handy notes are ready, place recycled essays on your left side of the table, and grab a cup ofStarbucks Caramel Macchiato (my favourite). On you right side, should be your desktop/laptop or note-book (if you are old-fashioned like me).

All you need to do now is create a mishmash of the information that you had collected in the form of ‘handy notes’. The mishmash can be created in many ways. One of my favourite is to literally rephrase and/or paraphrase the information until you’ve written 80 % of your desired word count. Don't forget to do ‘in text referencing’ and create reference/bibliography list as you proceed.

Go through your ‘mishmash’ and inject your own analysis based upon what you have studied in the class at different intervals of the mishmash, which must be by now taking a form of an essay. The key to a winning essay is to write what ever you think is right. Be confident and don't fear to fail at all. A marker is actually looking for writer’s own analysis based upon the theories/models and information that he/she had used in the essay. You may score less or more depending upon the extent and depth of your analysis, but trust me you can't fail as long as your analysis is drawn upon the theory and the information from recycled essays.

So this is pretty much it! In my next posts I would be talking about the structuring and referencing essays. Don't forget that both of these elements of an essay are significant score boosters.

So keep warm if you are in the colder parts of the world and happy essay writing.

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