University Stress, Freshmen Anxiety and How To Deal With It

University Stress, Freshmen AnxietyHello friends!

Starting a university or a new term is an exciting phase, however anxiety due to leaving home, life transition, and academic challenges come with the package. Feeling anxious is normal and an indication towards your interest in starting your college. The good thing is that feeling of being anxious is most likely to disappear with in a week's time. However if it persists, its better to embrace and accept it. You should also read my tips on overcoming ' university freshman anxiety'.


Academically challenged!

Its pretty obvious that your college would be much harder then your high school. Again, the first step to meet the challenge is to accept it. Accept the fact that college is much more than hanging out with friends and partying, and that essays and exams are round the corner. There are many ways through which you can make sure that you meet the challenge confidently. For example you can organise yourself, set your targets and achieve them.. of course without compromising on your social life. Some other ways to meet the challenges is to set your priorities, learning how to say no to others, team work etc.


Money matters!

Of course many matters and being concerned about your finances is pretty normal. The first tip is to realise that college could be expensive and possibly you would always be tight with your funds. Organising yourself can be step number one towards managing your finances. Finding a job, ideally an on-campus job is one of the smartest way to manage your finances.


Managing university stress

College can be fun and stressful too… you can manage stress through being particular about a few simple things. For example make sure that you are not starved to convince yourself to eat. Making sure that you are eating small portions of food in frequent intervals (6 times a day), will help you reduce your stress and make you feel happier. Specially if you are concerned about your weight gain, this tip works very well. Be very very particular about your sleep. Number of sleeping hours vary from person to person and you should know your number of sleep hours to make you recharged. If for some reason you couldn't get say 8 hours of sleep during the night, make sure that you catch up the remaining number of sleep hours within 24 hours time frame. No matter whatever happens, get exercise daily. You don't necessarily have to go to gym, rather brisk walking (fast enough to make you comfortably breathless) for 30 to 40 min ideally everyday will give you all the health benefits.


Getting along with your roommate

Most of the students get really well with their roommates. However if you still fear for being stuck with a horrible roommate, then obviously you must have a plan to handle the situation. The best thing to do is keep calm and relaxed, and under any circumstances never express your emotions in front of your 'horrible roommate'. Take your time and silently observe his/her behaviour. If your roommate's behaviour is irrational, then there must be a reason behind it. With your calm and relaxed attitude you would be able to find the reason very quickly, making you capable of handling the situation accordingly. And the best part….well, you're relaxed personality would actually threaten him or her…in a nice way of course!



I shall be posting more articles on university anxiety and how to deal with it.

Happy College Days

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