University Students and Stress

University Students and StressUniversity is fun, however the stress of studies, essay writing and meeting deadlines can hit you really hard! Feeling such as ‘stressed out’, frustrated, irritated, depressed, over whelmed and burned out may not be unknown to you by this time into your ‘uni life’.

I'm not writing this post to assure you that stress can be managed, however what I can teach you is to face the fact that stress comes with the package. So accepting the fact that you are likely to feel stressed sooner or later, would benefit you in what way?

Well, accepting the fact that university life and studies can be stressful will at least prepare you for the coming challenges. Actually I don't like calling stress as stress really rather I prefer to see it as a ‘state of being challenged’. Whatever you may call it, accept it in the first place is key to manage in the second place.

So lets build it together now! I see it extremely important to identify your feeling of being stressed or being challenged (my version).

Stress can hit you in four ways! Physically, behaviourally, mentally and emotionally.

When you feel physically stressed, you may feel dizzy and lightheaded. Your hands become clammy or sweaty, and your jaw tightens etc. When you feel behaviourally stressed, you might stammer, you may avoid eye contact with others, you would do strange things that you may not realize then etc.

Being mentally stressed leaves your mind blank, you lose confidence and repeatedly think that you are making a mistake. Alternatively your thoughts may also go all wild.

When you're emotionally distressed, you would feel afraid, anxious, and nervous.

So, my suggestion is to a) accept the fact that stress will hit you sooner or later, and b) identify your state of being stressed.

In my next post, I would talk about how to deal with stress, the real way!

Have a great day ahead ☺

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