Why do you need a professional editor to edit your essay (before submitting it to your tutor)?

Why do you need a professional editor to edit your essay (before submitting it to your tutor)?

Well, for starters, you need a fresh pair of eyes to go through your essay to find really silly mistakes that can ruin an excellent essay!

What could be those really silly mistakes?... grammatical errors, sentences not making sense to the reader, missed out in-text referencing, and rush of ideas without any flow.. just to name few.

A professional essay editor (who is different from a book/research paper editor) thinks and works in the way similar to a student. Understanding what was going in tutor’s mind when he/she asks you to write an essay, a professional essay editor knows exactly what mistakes need to be re-done to make you earn a good grade.

A professional also knows that an essay starts from giving a broader picture of the subject, and tactically narrowing it down to the conclusions so that your tutor can truly see how you can sum up your learning. Needless to say, he/she knows exactly where to place a diagram/pie chart/bar chart/ table in the essay to really convince your tutor to mark you generously.

We all know how important is the structure of an essay to make it standout from the rest of the crowd, however how many of us can really point out 5 elements of a structure of a good essay?

Most importantly, if this post is convincing enough for you to send your essay to be edited by a professional essay editor prior to submission, let me warn you with 100s of unimpressive editors sitting on the Internet, claiming to edit your essays.

And my advice to choose the right one..? Look out for people who sound really professional and exactly now what they are doing.

If you want any further ‘free’ information/advise on professional essay editors and their services, please feel free to email me at enquiries@academicottage.com

Until next post, happy essay writing ☺

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