AppleHoot: Do you eat apples?
Will you hoot our way?

Here is our manifesto.
We are a group of Academic Writers who have been HUMILIATED by students’ complaints of how costly it is to hire a writer and how difficult it is not to imagine their writer as a GHOST. We are humans and we will speak to you directly. There is NO middleman involved, and there is NO chasing involved. If we don’t deliver on time, we are dead! We are tired of being told we're socially awkward idiots who are helping students writing their essays… That’s not true. Students are not expected to be masters of the subject, yet they are marked as if they are suppose to be masters. Imagine that you have wealth of knowledge but writing scares you to death! Imagine you have this brilliant business idea sitting in your mind that can surely make you a millionaire, but this essay is what comes between you and your million pounds business idea execution!  We don’t encourage you to cheat,  – we're talking about the impact of one bad essay on your future. That is what matters to… AppleHoot

You will love what we do.

Free coffee included